NACC Accreditation Process

NACC Accreditation fosters third sector academic programs worldwide, including nonprofit and nongovernmental studies and management, social entrepreneurship, social-purpose organizations leadership, and philanthropy studies and management, all with curriculum that places the civil sector at the center of the curricular perspective.

Accreditation Timeline 2019 -2020

The following dates are tentative projections for illustrative purposes and are subject to change.

  • Nov 1: Deadline to submit Initial Application and application fee.
  • Nov 15 — December 31: Interviews (Section 2) completed. Section 3 made available to applicant immediately following completion of interview.
  • Jan 31: Deadline to submit Section 3. This concludes the application process.
  • Feb 15: Accreditation Team to provides Preliminary Reports to ERB for their review and approval.
  • March 30: Preliminary Reports sent to respective Applicants for their review and response.
  • April 15: Deadline for Applicant to submit response to Preliminary Report to Accreditation Team.
  • June 1: Accreditation Team announces ERB’s final decisions to respective Applicants.
  • June 30:  Hard copy reports sent to participating Institutions
  • August 30: Accreditation Team produces Health of the Field report based on Accreditation findings.