Nicole Collier, NACC Executive Director

Nicole Collier, MPSA
Executive Director, NACC
Center for Nonprofits and Philanthropy
Bush School of Government and Public Service
Texas A&M University

New look, who’s this?!

First things first, I want to thank Erin for all of her work updating our website and newsletter over the past month! I think we can all agree it looks great and that she will do an excellent job taking the helm of NACC News after Linda’s leadership.

I would normally opine about things going on in College Station, end-of-semester blues or joy (there’s no judgment here, I too enjoy shorter wait times at restaurants), I don’t have time for that today because the 2023 Biennial Conference is almost upon us!!!

So, bear with me, I’ll try to summarize at the top so you can read more about the topics you need to, and keep on scrolling as needed!

  1. Don’t forget to register and pay your registration fees!
  2. We have new and exciting details to share about an excursion we are offering on July 22nd to those interested in visiting Montgomery and key civil rights sites. You can register for that excursion on our website in the next few days!
  3. Looking ahead to the rest of the year. Our annual member meeting will be on November 15!

The Conference:

Ok, more on the conference. I’m so excited to see many of you at Auburn University in July. I have published the draft schedule for you to take a look at and get as excited as I am!

For those of you who can’t make it, let me know if you would be interested in sending any questions over to the presenters and they can reach back out personally if they have time.

Our Optional Excursion:

I am excited to share a few more details about the optional excursion.

We are excited to offer an excursion to the Legacy Museum and Memorial, followed by a conversation and guided tour (inside an air-conditioned bus) with Wanda Battle of Legendary Tours! You can learn more about the excursion here. Registration will include a fee to cover transportation, our tour guide’s time, and admission to the museum and a few sites in Montgomery.

Looking Ahead to the Member Meeting

Finally, please mark your calendars for November 15th when we will hold our annual member meeting. Our meeting has traditionally been held the day before conference programming begins at the annual ARNOVA Conference, but I want you to know that the board and everyone at NACC is continuing to pay attention to the discussions about hosting the conference (and therefore our meeting) in Florida in light of the concerning legislative session. I won’t pretend we have all the answers right now; but we are continuing to discuss our options and how to proceed. We are committed to providing a safe space for those who join us in person, as well as ways for people to fully participate if they do not travel to Florida.

We will keep you updated.

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