Dr. Beth Breeze, Centre for Philanthropy, University of Kent
Dr. Beth Breeze

Dr. Beth Breeze
Director, Centre for Philanthropy
University of Kent

The Fundraising Reader (1st Edition)
Routledge, 2023

The Fundraising Reader, edited by Beth Breeze, Donna Day Lafferty, and Pamala Wiepking, draws together essential literature establishing a one-stop body of knowledge that explains what fundraising is, and covers key concepts, principles, and debates. The book shines a light on the experience of being a fundraiser and answers an urgent need to engage with the complexities of a facet of the nonprofit sector that is often neglected or not properly understood.

This international compilation features extracts from key writing on fundraising, with a comprehensive contextualizing introduction by the editors. Uniquely, this Reader shares conflicting positions relating to age-old and current debates on fundraising: Is fundraising marketing? Should donors or the community be front and center in fundraising? How can fundraisers deal with ethical dilemmas such as ‘tainted’ donors and money? Best practice and future trends are also covered, including the impact of new technologies and responding to demands for greater diversity, inclusion, and equity in fundraising teams.

This Reader is for those who seek to further develop their own understanding of fundraising, and it provides an invaluable resource for academic courses and professional training. “The NACC audience is central to our reasons for creating this Reader,” noted Dr. Breeze. “It should make teaching fundraising much more straightforward.”

This flyer provides additional information and a 20% discount. Two free online lecture videos by Dr. Breeze provide further insight into the subject.

Beth Breeze is Director of the Centre for Philanthropy, which she co-founded in 2008. Beth began her career as a fundraiser for a youth homelessness charity and spent a decade working in a variety of fundraising, research, and charity management roles, including as deputy director at the Institute for Philanthropy. Motivated by the lack of substantive research underpinning practice, Beth completed a PhD on contemporary philanthropy at Kent in 2011 and has remained at the University ever since.