Dr. Ellen Winiarczyk, University College, University of Denver
Ellen Winiarczyk, EdD

Ellen Winiarczyk, EdD
Academic Director and
Teaching Associate Professor

Nonprofit Leadership Master’s Program
University College, University of Denver

New Board Member Feature: Ellen Winiarczyk

Dr. Ellen Winiarczyk, EdD, serves as the Academic Director and Teaching Associate Professor of the Nonprofit Leadership Master’s and Certificate Program at the University College, University of Denver. Her journey in the field of nonprofit studies is marked by a profound dedication to both academic rigor and practical application. Dr. Winiarczyk’s extensive expertise is reflected in her role as an educator and through her commitment to cutting edge and practical curriculum to build the sector’s next generation of leaders. She is deeply passionate about exploring the nuances of nonprofit management, leadership development, and organizational effectiveness. Her researcher interests include the dynamics of nonprofit governance, the role of leadership in nonprofit sustainability, and the impact of strategic planning on organizational growth. In 2018 she received the University of Denver’s highest excellence in teaching award as an adjunct, the Ruth Murray Underhill Award.

Beyond her work in higher education, Dr. Winiarczyk is equally committed to community service and volunteerism, reflecting her belief in the power of practical engagement and her dedication to making a tangible difference in society. She is a plank member of the Leadership Veteran program and a local nonprofit senior leader program called The Leadership Collective. She brings to the field and to the NACC board a wealth of experience from her 18 years as a consultant in leadership development, program management, and diversity initiatives for various nonprofit organizations, coupled with a decade of service in Washington State government. Her work has included leading AmeriCorps programs, pioneering collaborative training initiatives, and being a grantee of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Dr. Winiarczyk has also provided coaching for K-12 educational leaders and currently serves as an executive coach at the Center for Creative Leadership. Additionally, she has offered training services for numerous leadership and development programs.

Her blend of academic knowledge and real-world application is a hallmark of her approach to teaching, enabling her to provide students with a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of the nonprofit sector. Her efforts in both research and community service highlight her as a recognized figure in the field of nonprofit leadership, inspiring a new generation of leaders to approach their work with a blend of knowledge, innovation, and a deep commitment to social impact.