Nathan Grasse, Carleton University
Dr. Nathan Grasse

Dr. Nathan Grasse
Associate Professor
School of Public Policy & Administration
Carleton University

New Board Member Feature: Nathan Grasse

Nathan Grasse is an Associate Professor in the Master of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership (MPNL) program at Carleton University. He holds a Bachelor of Science (BS), a Master of Public Administration (MPA), and a PhD in Political Science, all from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, United States. His academic focus primarily revolves around the governance of public-serving organizations, highlighting the connections between governance and financial management. This encompasses a detailed study of revenue structures, the influence of organizational and environmental factors, and how strategic choices impact financial health and other organizational outcomes.

Dr. Grasse’s expertise includes nonprofit finance and financial management, governance and leadership, and strategic management. He emphasizes the critical role of charities in addressing social issues, enhancing representation, and delivering services in communities. Recognizing the challenges these organizations face in financial management and governance, particularly due to a reliance on historical or anecdotal information, his work aims to expand knowledge in these areas. This focus is vital for the effective management of charitable organizations, providing them with more robust frameworks and guidelines to improve their decision-making processes.