The Johnson Center for Scholarly & Creative Excellence at Grand Valley State University is seeking a Data Architect to join an interdisciplinary team of social science and information technology professionals. This is a full-time (40 hours per week) position with the center’s Community Data and Research Lab, located at our offices on the Pew Campus at GVSU, with the opportunity for flexible work arrangements according to the GVSU remote work policy (see Salary and Benefits and ADA sections below).

As a Data Architect, you will focus on defining and implementing the data architecture to support research, evaluation, and technology projects across the Johnson Center.

This role works collaboratively with the organization’s team of researchers, data analysts, and web developers. In addition, the Data Architect helps build relationships with clients and supports the identification, development, and delivery of client projects. Key to the position is a strong foundation in system design and development, strict adherence to data quality and security, and a desire to leverage these skills to support effective philanthropy and advance the common good.

As a member of the Johnson Center’s Community Data and Research Lab, this position’s responsibilities may include designing databases, defining ETL pipelines, and assisting with data processing to feed web-based dashboards and reports. In addition to project work, the role is responsible for proposing new data storage solutions and suggesting and implementing improvements to the current infrastructure. Current data infrastructure includes PostgreSQL databases hosted on-premises in a Windows environment, with a move to the cloud on the horizon. The position reports to the center’s lead of technical services.