Peter Weber, Auburn University
Dr. Peter Weber

Peter Weber
Associate Professor and Program Coordinator
Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies (PNPS) Program
College of Human Sciences, Auburn University

Dr. Di Qing

Dr. Di Qing
Lecturer, Financial Planning
Auburn University

Peter Weber Promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure, Auburn University Welcomes Dr. Di Qing to Philanthropy and Financial Planning Faculty

Auburn University’s College of Human Sciences proudly announces the tenure and promotion of Peter Weber to the rank of Associate Professor. Alongside this achievement, Weber will also serve as the Program Coordinator of the Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies (PNPS) program. Launched in 2019, the PNPS program has been instrumental in equipping students with the essential knowledge and practical competencies needed for successful engagement in philanthropic endeavors.

Weber’s research delves into the intricate intersections between private actors, associational dynamics, and philanthropic efforts, particularly during periods of political, cultural, and economic turbulence. His multidisciplinary approach draws from historical insights and contemporary analyses, providing a comprehensive understanding of civil society, international philanthropy, and democratic governance. As a multidisciplinary scholar, he has published extensively in edited volumes and peer-reviewed journals, including diverse disciplinary outlets such as Voluntas, Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, Journal of Civil Society, and Nonprofit Policy Forum, among others.

Auburn University is also delighted to introduce Dr. Di Qing as a valuable addition to its faculty. Dr. Qing brings his expertise to the realm of financial planning, a component interwoven within the university’s nonprofit program curricula. As a Lecturer at Auburn University, Dr. Qing will spearhead financial planning courses, offering students insights into estate planning, retirement strategies, and fundamental financial principles.

Dr. Qing’s expertise well aligns with Auburn University’s commitment to philanthropy and charitable giving. His research specialization in charitable giving adds a unique dimension to the educational experience, enhancing students’ understanding of how financial planning and philanthropy intersect to create meaningful societal impact. Additionally, Auburn University is in the process of establishing a Certificate in Financial Planning program under Dr. Qing’s coordination.