The Meaning of “Nonprofitness”: Capturing it in Research, Curriculum, & Programming


July 14, 2015- NACC Member Meeting & Welcome Reception
July 15 and 16, 2015- NACC Conference


DePaul University’s Loop Campus, 1 E. Jackson St., 11th Floor, Chicago, IL.


This conference brought together academics, scholars, practitioners, and administrators from around the world to discuss, learn and share tactics and methods that support and build university-based educational programs focused on nonprofit and philanthropic studies. Topics for conversation included instruction, pedagogy, research and substantive issues in education and administration.

Theme: Capturing the Meaning of Nonprofitness:

From considering the role of nonprofits in society to the intricacies of developing a mission, nonprofits are distinct organizational forms. This conference theme seeks to explore how university educators help students, peers, and others understand the character of nonprofit organizations… What topics, conversations, and activities help people understand the unique qualities of nonprofit organizations?

More than 50 presentations explored topics such as:

  • Research for “Nonprofitness”
    Presentations in the category will focus on presenting original research and research methodologies that help explain the unique nature of the nonprofit and philanthropic endeavor.
  • Teaching materials and methods
    Presentations in this category will focus on nonprofit and philanthropic studies curricula, teaching materials, and sources of information.
  • Educational Programs
    Presentations in this category will focus on the development, scope, and future of the field of nonprofit and philanthropic studies.
  • International Perspectives
    Presentations in this category will focus on the development, scope, and future of international programs and their approach to nonprofit and philanthropic studies.
  • Practice Linkages
    Presentations in this category will focus on the linkages between what is taught in the academy and what knowledge is needed by professionals and volunteers working in the field.
  • Disciplinary Linkages
    Presentations in this category will address the purpose of nonprofit and philanthropic studies and/or relationships with other disciplines.
  • Special Topics: Graduate Student Papers.

Speakers Presentations:


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