University of Connecticut - Nonprofit Leadership Program

Address: 1800 Asylum Avenue, Library Building, 4th Floor, Dept of Public Policy, West Hartford, CT 06117

Description: University of Connecticut Nonprofit Leadership Program (NLP) is a program of the Department of Public Policy within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.The mission of the NLP is to strengthen the educational, communication and research infrastructure of the Connecticut and U.S. nonprofit sector through credit and noncredit professional development education for the field, colloquia, engaged scholarship and research. Key focuses of the Program concern the strengthening of inter-organizational strategic networks (collaborations) and relations essential to work of the sector, between nonprofit, government and community stakeholders and the leadership styles and methods needed to complete that work.

Research Specialty: Nonprofit Networks, Capacity, Leadership, Governance, Public/Nonprofit Partnerships

Subject Terms: Nonprofit Networks, Capactiy, Leadership, Governance, Public/Nonprofit Partnerships

NACC Representative: David G. Garvey Ph.D.

Representative Bio:

David Garvey is the Director of the Department of Public Policy's Nonprofit Leadership Program (NLP) and adjunct professor. His research interests include the dynamics of nonprofit strategic networks and human resource capacity issues of the nonprofit sector.

Garvey founded and was executive editor of the New England Nonprofit Quarterly, now known nationally as the Nonprofit Quarterly. Dr. Garvey has a strong portfolio of academic offerings tailored to professional development and career growth of emerging leaders to CEOs in the nonprofit sector. He developed the Connecticut Nonprofit Strategy Platform, in partnership with the Urban Institute and the Connecticut Data Collaborative. Through Encore!Hartford, which he co-founded, he is known nationally for his work transitioning the skillsets of unemployed corporate professionals for managerial and professional work in the nonprofit sector. Garvey earned his Ph.D. in Educational Administration from the Neag School of Education at the University of Connecticut.

Recent Research: