Seton Hall University – Master of Public Administration Program

Address: 400 South Orange Ave Jubilee Hall, Rm 567 South Orange NJ 07079

Description: The Master of Public Administration program at Seton Hall University serves students passionate about careers in the public and nonprofit sectors. The program is professional in nature and we pride ourselves on bringing theory in practice. The program stresses development of managerial and analytical skills, as well as ethical and professional values. Three MPA concentrations are currently available, Nonprofit Organization Management, Public Service: Leadership Governance, and Policy, and Health Policy and Management, with a fourth being added for Fall 2016, Data Visualization and Analysis. A dual degree program where students can earn their MPA and M.A. in Diplomacy and International Relations is also offered in conjunction with the School of International Relations and Diplomacy. 

Research Specialties: Nonprofit Management Education, Nonprofit Management, Nonprofit Leadership, Ethics, International Nonprofits, Strategic Planning and Evaluation, Development, Data Visualization, Data Analysis

Subject Terms: Public and Nonprofit Administration, Public and Nonprofit Leadership, Strategic Governance, Development, Data Visualization and Analysis

NACC Representative: Matthew Hale, Ph.D.
Representative Bio:  In addition to being the NACC President, I am an Associate Professor and MPA Program Chair for the Department of Political Science and Public Affairs at Seton Hall University. My research focuses on how the media covers the public and nonprofit sectors. Recently, my articles have appeared in The International Journal of Press Politics, Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, Mass Communication Society, and the Stanford Law Policy Review. At Seton Hall, I have taught many courses in our M.P.A. program including the Environment of Public Service, Public Policy Analysis, Public Sector Leadership, Public Sector Ethics, Financial Management and Budgeting, Research Methods, and Strategic Management and Governance. My interest in politics precedes my academic life. I worked as an aide to California Senator Barbara Boxer and in the press and candidate advance operations for several local, state and national political campaigns. I spent a lot of time as a local pundit and commentator about all things related to New Jersey Politics and tweet constantly at #NJpoliticsprof.

Recent Research:

We have two centers at Seton Hall focused on the nonprofit sector.  The Nonprofit Sector Resource Institute focused on technical training for those in the nonprofit field.  Our two most popular training program are in nonprofit financial management and board leadership development.  We have partnered with a number of private companies including Johnson and Johnson, Investors Saving Bank and PSE&G to bring these programs to nonprofit in New Jersey and the Region. More information is available at

In addition to NSRI, we have the Center for Public Service. The Center has served as the fundraising arm of NSRI and the academic department for over 25 years and in that times has raised over 5 million dollars in endowed student scholarships.