National Research University Higher School of Economics - Center for Studies of Civil Society and the Nonprofit Sector

Address: Office 314, Building 20, Myasnitskaya Street, Moscow, Russia 101990
Description: Established in 2009, the Center for Studies of Civil Society and the Nonprofit Sector (at National Research University Higher School of Economics), has become Russia's leading think tank focusing on the development of civil society and non-for-profit sector in post-Soviet Russia from the perspectives of sociology, economy, law, political studies, statistics and history. The Center's mission is to conduct complex interdisciplinary research of civic activity and third sector in Russia identifying key trends and challenges on the basis of extensive empirical studies. The Center is headed by its Director Irina Mersianova, PhD, author of more than 150 publications devoted to the modernization of Russian civil society and development of charity and volunteerism. Dr. Lev Jakobson, First Vice Rector of the Higher School of Economics, is the research Advisor of the Center.  The Center incorporates the Teaching Department of the NGO Economics and Management and the Research and Educational Laboratory of Interdisciplinary Studies of the Nonprofit Sector, which both seek to involve students and young researchers in the studies of civil society and integrate the results of civil society research in the educational process. In 2014 the International Laboratory for Nonprofit Sector Studies headed by the leading international researcher Prof. Lester Salamon, director of the Center for Civil Society Studies, the Johns Hopkins University, was established within the framework of the Center.
Research Specialty: Monitoring of Russian Civil Society, Summer School on Civil Society and the Nonprofit Sector in Russia, Social Innovations, Nonprofit Management
Subject Terms: Nonprofit Education in Russia, Nonprofit Education, Nonprofit Research, Nonprofit Research in Russia, Civil Society Research, Civil Society Edcuation, Civil Society Education in Russia, Nonprofit Management, Nonprofit Internships in Russia, Civil Society and New Governance
NACC Representative: Gulnara A. Minnigaleeva, Ph.D.
Representative Bio: Gulnara Minnigaleeva received her PhD in Education in 2004 with the dissertation on Social and pedagogical work for older personal from Moscow State Pedagogical University, Russia. After that she decided to focus her career on the nonprofit aspects of social service and was accepted into the Humphrey Institute of Public Policy (University of Minnesota, USA) as a Fulbright scholar. In 2006 Gulnara interned at the Ageing and Life-Course Department in World Health Organization’s headquarters in Geneva, where she became involved in the WHO Global Age-Friendly Cities Project and took the leadership of the project in her hometown in Russia. She used its guidelines as a basis to create a non-profit nongovernmental Organization of Retired Persons titled Wisdom Ripening in the Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia, and has been the Chair of the Board of the organization since then. Gulnara is also working both as a research fellow for the Centre for Studies of Civil Society and Nonprofit Sector and associate professor in the Department of Economics and Management of Nonprofit Nongovernmental Organizations at National Research University Higher School of Economics. Her research is focused on public policy, ageing policies, civic participation, nonprofit management, NGO and government cooperation, older age and older age potential. She is a member of European Sociological Association, International Federation on Ageing, deputy head of Research committee "Older Generation" of the Russian Society of Sociologists, chair of Teaching Section of Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Actions.
Recent Research: