NACC events bring together academics, scholars, practitioners, administrators, and students from around the world to discuss, learn, and share tactics and methods that support and build university-based educational programs focused on nonprofit and philanthropic studies. Topics for conversation include instruction, pedagogy, research, and substantive issues in education and administration.

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2019 Biennial Conference

January 20th, 2019|

Building the Global Nonprofit Education Community:
Diverse Perspectives Strengthening the Whole

Cass Business School | part of City, University of London

July 16—17, 2019


In the spirit for which NACC was founded, the 2019 Biennial Conference in London will focus on enhancing and strengthening the exciting growth that is occurring in our field.

In addition to the optics of holding a NACC event in a setting outside the U.S., demonstrating the NACC network as global and open to innovative ideas from all the nations and facets of civil society institutions, the event will produce quality discussions, exchange of knowledge and experience, and an edited book volume on the proceedings presenting the best thinking drawn from the convening themes. The edited volume will include issues related to transnational approaches to the field of nonprofit sector research and pedagogy.

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