Since the summer of 2015, NACC and its member institutions have been considering whether or not accreditation of nonprofit and philanthropy programs makes sense for NACC and more importantly makes sense for the field.

Along the way we have held numerous meetings, conversation and an entire summit on accreditation.  We have also produced a good deal of paper.  Some of this paper is formal and scholarly.  Some of this paper is informal and impromptu.  But all of it is important to the discussion of accreditation. 

This page and the links on it are designed to be a depository of the notes, minutes, formal presentation and updates and position papers regarding the NACC accreditation process.  It will continually be a work in progress, but our hope is that anyone interested in seeing the documents and thought processes involved will have a single place to go.

We welcome comments and critiques. We ask for submissions and request forgiveness for omissions.  But most of all we thank everyone from those involved in this process at the beginning to those viewing these documents for the first time for your thoughtful consideration of this vitally important topic for our field.


Matt Hale
Seton Hall University
NACC President