NACC is an international membership association comprised of academic centers or programs at accredited colleges and universities that focus on the study of nonprofit/nongovernmental organizations, voluntary action, and/or philanthropy.


Established in 1991, NACC is the first group entirely dedicated to the promotion and networking of centers that provide research and education in philanthropy and the nonprofit sector.

NACC supports such academic centers by:

  • Providing leadership to strengthen existing centers
  • Supporting the establishment of new centers
  • Serving as a resource for sharing best practices
  • Fostering collaboration among programs and centers
  • Developing creative approaches to researcher-practitioner collaborations
  • Advancing universities' missions of teaching, research, and service through nonprofit studies
  • Developing and promoting curricular guidelines
  • Identifying issues for NACC action on behalf of its members

NACC members belong to the most prestigious and innovative programs, centers, and institutions in the country and abroad.

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NACC News publishes information about the Nonprofit Academic Centers Council and its members. We invite you to contribute your news and encourage you to share this newsletter with colleagues, the nonprofit community, and all others you think might find it of interest.

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Nu Lambda Mu recognizes students dedicated to the study of nonprofit management, philanthropy, and social entrepreneurship.

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Curricular Guidelines

As a companion to the NACC Indicators of Quality, the Curricular Guidelines provide model curriculum for degrees in nonprofit leadership, nonprofit organization management, nonprofit sector studies and philanthropy.    

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Keep up to date on NACC happenings, conferences, and events.                               


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Indicators of Quality

As a companion to the NACC Curricular Guidelines, the Indicators of Quality identify quality through reference points and benchmarks that can guide the development of academic centers and programs while enhancing the legitimacy of the field of nonprofit and philanthropic studies.

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The Role of Nonprofit Organizations & Academic Centers

Nonprofit organizations play an indispensable role in the lives of communities, groups, and individuals.

Embracing educational, artistic, religious, health, and community organizations, the nonprofit sector accounts for 10 percent of the United States economy, employs almost 10 percent of the workforce, and is assisted by more than 100 million volunteers.

At universities across the nation, dedicated students and nonprofit professionals are seeking the knowledge they need to make an impact on the nonprofit sector and the world. Responding to this demand, more than 255 colleges and universities provide at least one class in nonprofit management, including 157 schools that offer at least one course within a graduate department. On these campuses and others, centers for the study of philanthropy and nonprofit organizations are a focal point for diverse disciplines to combine thoughtful scholarship with practical applications.